Empower your Channel Partner reseller program with more value

Lead Gen 2 min read 9 May 2018

Partner reseller programs provide an effective and cost-effective way to grow an organisation’s market share.

By partnering with organisations which sell complementary products and services, businesses can use a Partner channel to globalise their business, create an end-to-end solution for a specific target market and create alternate revenue streams.


Partner channel program challenges

Partnerships do however present challenges. A mutually-beneficial relationship demands that these challenges be addressed. Large organisations which deploy a channel program generally have two struggles; attracting new Channel Partners and increasing the sales to end users by existing channel partners.


Selecting the right Channel Partner is key

Organisations select Channel Partners which have relevant market knowledge, proficient sales capability and existing customer relationships to successfully sell their products and services.

A successful Partner program is however not only about the skills organisations can offer but also about softer issues such as cultural alignment, inter-team engagement and continuous collaboration.


You cannot manage what you do not measure

Traditionally an organisation’s channel structure is built on in-house knowledge. This means not enough is known about the partners the organisation is engaging with and hampers the organisation’s ability to make informed strategic decisions to strengthen its partner channel.

Without relevant empirical information and considered insight, organisations find it difficult to empower channel partners to market themselves and sell more. In addition, this also makes it difficult for the organisation to Identify which partners to focus on and identify what support is needed to facilitate their partners success.


Partner programs need credible practical information

A successful Partner reseller program should be built on a platform of meaningful information. As organisations have limited resources, insight into the metrics of the organisation’s partner channel is needed. These metrics can help organisations identify which partners to pay attention to and identify resources partners require to successfully market and sell the organisation’s products and services.


‘Lead Gen in a Box’ delivers the skills and information needed

Our ‘Lead Gen in a Box’ is a service which aims to make it easier for organisations to access all of the strategic marketing skills, research and lead qualifying capabilities needed to achieve their marketing and business objectives.

The insights gained through marketing activities and research drives real value for business through a collaborative effort with your marketing, sales and channel teams.


Clarity and insight create partner success

When it comes to Channel Partner marketing, ‘Lead Gen in a Box’ can help bring the clarity and insights needed for partner channel success.

It’s with third-party evidence that business leaders can focus on key attributes in marketing and lead generation, target key partners and deploy marketing campaigns with their channel partners.

This ultimately leads to Channel Partner revenue growth as it supports the organisation in identifying new prospective partners and driving more sales to end users through existing Channel Partners.

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