Introducing Insights-Fuelled Lead Gen in a Box

Lead Gen 4 min read 1 November 2017

Today’s landscape is rapidly changing and it’s getting harder for executives, CMOs, marketing departments and country teams of enterprises to juggle competing priorities. 

It can be a real challenge to research and analyse data to assess new opportunities, implement strategic marketing campaigns to increase prospect databases and convert leads, and then also qualify those leads before engaging sales teams.

With our insights-fuelled Lead Gen in a Box, we make it easier for you to access all of the strategic marketing skills, research and lead qualifying capabilities you need to achieve your objectives.

Our strategic Lead Gen in a Box can support you in a cost-effective and valuable way. Insights-fuelled Lead Gen in a Box is a collaboration between strategic marketing research consultancy Capitalis and marketing strategy consultancy OM ThreeSixty. You will only be interacting with a single point of contact and our collaborative efforts happen behind the scenes. To drive real value for your business, we work seamlessly with you as an extension to your team.


What’s included in a Lead Gen in a Box?

We take a bespoke and flexible approach to ensure our support to you is tailored to your objectives, global brand, and regional marketing efforts.

Your Lead Gen in a Box includes:

  • We develop and deploy comprehensive lead generation and marketing campaigns.
  • We qualify your database to deliver qualified leads to your pre-sales and sales teams.
  • We target net new prospects using ‘ideal customer personas’.
  • We ensure consistency of brand and message across your website, brochures, webinars, digital content and all other materials.
  • We test the demand of new or traditionally under-resourced products or services without impacting your existing operations, and
  • The program is delivered by deeply experienced market researchers and strategists.


How you benefit

Results-driven strategy

We support you with an insights-fuelled and evidence-based approach to your objectives and enable you with practical and effective solutions.

Creative blend of services

We support you with a creative blend of 360-degree research, strategic insights, campaign development and implementation services to ensure you benefit from a comprehensive lead gen in a box.

Value for money

With marketing teams already stretched, our cost-effective Lead Gen in a Box does all the heavy lifting for you. Operating as an extension to your team, you benefit from our efficiency and agility.

A breadth of experience

You benefit from our collective breadth of commercial, lead gen and marketing experience across our teams.


About us


We’re a diverse mix of talented people who bring a breadth of research and commercial experience to deliver clarity and solutions to those we work with.

Capitalis is a results-driven, strategic marketing research consultancy experienced in collecting, analysing and interpreting commercial data to provide evidence-based, strategic marketing advice and direction to our clients across Asia Pacific, North America and Europe.

Since starting in 2003, our focus has always been on delivering highly practical and actionable outcomes for businesses looking to increase market share, improve revenue and compete in the most costeffective manner. We offer a creative blend of services combining the rigour of 360 degree quantitative and qualitative market research, with the strategic insight and know-how of experienced business consultants that delivers clarity with purpose for our clients to help them to successfully compete and grow. We have an inhouse multilingual call centre experienced in research and lead generation.


OM ThreeSixty 

OM is a strategy-first marketing agency specialising in B2B growth, digital marketing strategy, lead generation and inbound marketing.

We help companies and business leaders across Australia create value by making it easier for you to access all the marketing skills and capabilities you need to pursue your goals. We help businesses grow with intention. To drive real value for your business, we work seamlessly with you as an extension to your team. Our core motivation is to empower others to operate e fficiently and e ffectively in all aspects.

That’s why our impactful and comprehensive approach supports you to pursue your short, medium and long-term objectives.


Discover success through a consistent repeatable methodology 

Investing in the ‘Lead Gen in a Box’ service gives you the distinct competitive advantage of being able to create a consistent repeatable methodology for a results-driven lead generation practice.

Want to discover the most common issues businesses have with lead gen and how they can benefit from insight-fuelled strategic approach? Download our free whitepaper below.


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