Lead generation without insights relies too much on hope

Lead Gen 2 min read 2 May 2018

In business, hope is not a competitive advantage.

This isn’t about business leaders saying: “I hope this is successful”. This is about decisions being made without evidence or insights has a degree of hope built in, whether it’s realised or not.

This is particularly true if the ‘decision’ is to keep going about marketing, lead generation and sales the same way the business always has.


Leaders need to embrace change

The fact is businesses do need to change.

Markets shift as the needs of consumers change. Leaders need to ensure their business and teams can adapt to these changes to take advantage of the opportunities offered and defend against the threats created.


Implementing change is challenging

Aversion to change is often compounded in a team dynamic. The larger the team and the longer a team has operated in a certain way, the more difficult it is to change the way the team operates as unit. 

This is particularly true if the end result is unknown and part of the change is figuring out what is going to work best.


The larger the team the more difficult it is

In a corporate environment where teams are large and geographically dispersed the problem can be compounded even further. The larger the team, the more difficult it is to implement change to harness and build momentum behind a different approach.


Process used by larger teams is a double-edged sword

Large organisations rely on standards and processes to ensure all parts of the organisation function in unison. Process however is a double-edged sword. One of the benefits a business gains by implementing a process is efficiency through consistency, repeatability and transferability.

However, if an organisation does not review its processes regularly, or challenge embedded processes, they could fall into the trap of process being followed because of habit long after the initial reason for its creation is no longer valid.


Lead generation needs to be the outcome of market research

In a business’s marketing function the process of lead generation needs to ensure it uses data-driven inputs to ensure it can identify and engage the most qualified leads available.

A traditional approach following an obsolete process to generate leads in a dynamic world will eventually fail.  Business drivers may have changed and scientific discovery is needed to gain valuable insights to ensure targeting success.


‘Lead Gen in a Box’ delivers insights for lead generation

‘Lead Gen in a Box’ enables organisations through the development and deployment of comprehensive and evidence-based lead generation and marketing campaigns to gain insights into a market.

Our insights-fuelled lead generation solution uses a scientifically structured approach to engage customer teams and assist them in decision making. Through analytical activities demand is tested and insights gained which ultimately deepen the understanding businesses have of their ideal customer personas.

This ensures qualified leads are delivered to business pre-sales and sales teams by applying scientific analysis through action and observation. This novel approach helps organisations identify and target new prospects using ‘ideal customer personas’ identified through engaging with the target market rather than relying on the hope created by previous success.

Discover the top five challenges enterprise country marketing teams have with their lead gen and potential solutions for how to fix them.


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