What does insights-fuelled lead generation mean?

Lead Gen 3 min read 18 April 2018

The reality is that you and your team are already flat out. Keeping up with the day to day onslaught of operational problem solving often means that finding the time to plan strategically takes a back seat.

That’s why it’s perfectly normal for businesses to be getting things done the way they always have – there’s a rhythm there. We’ve found that business leaders want to switch this up and evolve from this approach and mentality, but it’s too hard to address it when it means impacting day to day operations and potentially getting the rhythm out of sync.


A strategic approach is a pragmatic approach

The proverb ‘failing to plan is planning to fail’ still has relevance, albeit not always so severe. We see many instances of businesses growing all the time without robust planning or evidence-based decision making. Whether they’re supported by market conditions, a charismatic leader or tight-knit leadership team in constant communication guiding the business toward a general goal, or downright luck, businesses survive and grow all the time without strategy.

What the proverb does capture though is the essence of the advantages of taking a well-crafted strategic approach to any endeavour. Every action taken within a business ultimately needs to lead to a business outcome to ensure the growth, profitability and ultimate survival of the organisation.


Strategy drives direction and action

Taking a pragmatic strategic approach to business planning and execution ensures an organisation seizes control of business direction by following a consistent carefully crafted course instead of reacting in a haphazard fashion to external business drivers.

A strategic approach also helps leaders make informed business decisions and identify unique differentiators. These clear business advantages ultimately lead to business longevity through an increase in sustainable market share and profitability.


A successful strategy is driven by insights

Strategy however cannot be created in a vacuum. An effective strategy is the result of a successful strategic process which entails a number of carefully executed phases of defining objectives in the context of a vision, and having meaningful research and data to inform decision making.


Taking a strategic approach to lead generation

One of our core beliefs is that the future of the marketing strategy is that it’s synonymous with business strategy. And that a marketing strategy and a sales strategy or irrevocably intertwined.

Marketing and sales need to come closer together.

To support this, marketing can take a larger role in pre-sales with a core objective of managing a tightly-defined funnel and qualifying leads over time.

A poor sales pipeline is a real threat to the ultimate survival of any business. Therefore, lead generation is a critical process in the marketing and sales function of any commercial organisation. Without a consistent strategic process to generate new leads the value of the organisation’s sales pipeline and ultimately its market share will diminish over time.


‘Lead Gen in a Box’ supports a strategic approach

OM ThreeSixty and Capitalis have created a unique business offering to assist organisations in adopting a strategic approach to lead generation. The service known has ‘Lead Generation in a Box’ uses scientific study and applies the outcomes to develop a consistent results-driven lead generation engine. 


Lead gen fuelled by insights gleaned from research and action

‘Lead Gen in a Box’ takes what is called an insights-fuelled approach to lead generation.

In essence, a structured strategic approach is formulated to methodically generate qualified sales leads through the execution of targeted marketing campaigns and acquisition of empirical locally relevant research data.


Effective research data is derived from content and marketing activities

Our experience has shown that effective research is much more than simply performing desktop research. Practical data insights can only be derived by using targeted content and marketing research to test demand and engagement.

An effective usable data set of information can then be derived, which can be utilised as an input to deliver successful marketing engagements, segment databases and engage with pre-qualified leads.


‘Lead Gen in a Box’ takes a structured approach

Our lead generation solution utilises a structured approach to ensure a successful outcome for business leaders and their marketing and sales teams. 

Our methodology consists of carefully constructed strategic marketing initiatives each created to feed insights-fuelled information to the next step in the process.

The key outcome of this process being the enablement of enterprise country teams and marketing divisions to get laser-focused with their targeting by testing and researching local initiatives before deploying strategic marketing campaigns to generate leads.


Discover success through a consistent repeatable methodology 

Investing in the ‘Lead Gen in a Box’ service gives you the distinct competitive advantage of being able to create a consistent repeatable methodology for a results-driven lead generation practice.

Want to discover the most common issues businesses have with lead gen and how they can benefit from insight-fuelled strategic approach? Download our free whitepaper below.


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